Our Books

Silvia Dzubas, The Lost Letters, Umschlag außen Ausschnitt
Silvia Dzubas with an introduction by Eckhardt Gillen
A Horse for Hanukkah
Myriam Halberstam with illustrations by Nancy Cote for children from 3 years and up published in november, children´s book, english
Author Adriana Stern was born in 1960 on the dutch border and has crossed borders in every way ever since.
Author Gabriele Hannemann is an English/German and Religion teacher. Since 2004 she teaches the Shoa to grades 4-10 in Schlesweig
Rosa Hipp is an author and painter. She works with highly gifted children in elementary schools. And is founder of
Bella und das Mädchen aus dem Schtetl
Author Marina B. Neubert grew up bilingually German/Russian. She was born in Moscow and lived in San Francisco where she
The Author / Illustrator Rachel Shalev was born in Israel in 1981 where she graduated from the renowned Bezalel Art