The Gondola with the magic Sword

Die Gondel mit dem magischen Schwert

Rosa Hipp
is an author and painter. She works with highly gifted children in elementary schools. And is founder of the Bezalel-Arts-Project, a special needs integrative workshop for youth and adults. She lives in North Germany.

Publication date: October 2015
ISBN: 9783945530054
Price: 14,99 Euro
Categorie: Young Adult, 10+
Pages: 236


Why Venice?

13 year-old Maja is not thrilled to spend her vacation with her parents visiting her mother´s Italian pen pal in Venice. But the boring trip quickly becomes an adventure when she accidentally travels into the 17th century with Raffael, the pen pal´s teenage son. There they meet Rachel Levy who lives under poor and dangerous circumstances. It is a time when the Lagoon city is a rich and powerful Sea-faring Nation. But Venice is also a place full of secrets and intrigues. Maja, Rachel and Rafael and their friends must proove that Rachel´s father is innocent and uncover a scheme that threatens to blow up Venice´s ships production and with it the security and the future of the Serenissima.

But how will they return to their home here and now?