Ben Gershon

was born in the Jewish year 5745. He created his first artwork on his bedroom’s wallpaper at the age of one year and a half. Unlike other Jewish boys who had to become a doctor or at least an accountant, Gershon holds degrees in Public Administration, Law and Tax Law in order to pursue a career as a comic-artist.

According to Gershon, humour is one of the most important aspects of Judaism. The “chosen people” suffered terribly over the centuries, but always managed to survive by laughing and crying. Humour is an inseparable part of the Jewish DNA and that’s something Gershon likes to express in his comics.

In his comic-strip “Jewy Louis”, Gershon portrays identifiable, funny situations and the absurdities of Jewish life in a non-Jewish society. Creating this cartoon and above all being able to publish it in Jewish media in Europe and America, illustrates the unique resilience of Jews and their extraordinary sense of humour.

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