Marisha, the Girl from the Barrel

Marisha Das Mädchen aus dem Fass

Author Gabriele Hannemann
is an English/German and Religion teacher. Since 2004 she teaches the Shoa to grades 4-10 in Schlesweig Holstein, Northern Germany. She is founder and President of Yad Ruth e.V. in Hamburg which suports Holocaust-survivors in need in Eastern Europe and Israel. She was awarded the German Federal cross of Merit in 2003 for her commemoration work.

Inbal Leitner
graduated Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem und works as illustrator. and animation artist. With her films she has participated in international Filmfestivals such as Annecy (France), Safo (Canada) und Anima Mundi (Brasil). She illustrates children´s books famous artists, such as Uri Orlev or Janusz Korczak. Inbal Leitner lives with her family in Pardes Channa, Israel.

Publication date: January 2016
ISBN: 978-3-945530-06-1
Price: Euro 14,95