You´re not free yet

Und frei bist du noch lange nicht

Author Adriana Stern
was born in 1960 on the dutch border and has crossed borders in every way ever since.
She began writing at 12, ran away from home at 15, joined the squatters movement and lived in various projects in Berlin, Hamburg and Amsterdam. She is an author, social worker and circus pedagogue and teaches creative writing to children and young adults.

Stern writes novels, short stories, poetry, fables as well as essays to highly timely and political themes.
Her published works include: Jockels Schweigen, Hannah und die anderen, as well as: Und dann kam Sunny.

Publication date: August 2016
ISBN: 978-3-945530-08-5
Price: 14,95 Euro
Pages: 376
Ages: 12 and up


Lead by hope, thirteen-year-old Zippi has come to Germany from Azerbaidschan with her Family. Now, in the bleak refugee center just outside of Cologne, everything looks different than her parents had hoped for. For weeks her parents cannot find work and the family´s strong Jewish identity is questioned to the core by the local community who needs to pledge for their status. They are put to a hard test!

Then Zippi meets ten-year-old Saladin who has made his way from Syria through several countries with his older Brother Tarek. Zippi and Saladin become friends and with Zippis kid brother they explore the desolate surroundings of the refugee shelter. They come upon some very shady characters and uncover a dangerous scam. Suddenly, they are in existential danger, as well as all their new friends. A scrupoulous gang of criminals is profiting from the refugee families´ helplessness and threatens to send them back to their war-torn countries.

Together the youngster decide to stop the Bandits. This adventure requires all their courage and strong team work. Will the friends manage to keep all of them in Germany?