The Lost Letters

The Lost Letters

Silvia Dzubas with an introduction by Eckhardt Gillen
accompanying catalog to the exhibition at the Epigrafic Museum Athens from March 5th -18th, 2020

ISBN 978-3-945530-28-3
32 pages, all color plates, 16,00 Euro (D)
Language: English


Coming from the GDR, a narrow minded country of grey shades, Dzubas developed a deep longing for colours and freedom. In 1968 she could escape the country. Her first journey brought her to Crete, the cradle of the archaic Minoan culture. On its the West coast she found the small village of fishermen, Lutro, which became in the last decades her new homeland. This cosmos of beach, sea and sky inspired her to paint and also to research the ancient Greek scripts in Crete.

Looking back, Sivia Dzubas is very glad that her first steps into the world brought her to Greece. It was an unexpected encounter with the gracefulness and beauty of the Greek culture and a journey back to the beginnings of our Western, European civilisation.

Writing and reading are the basis of our development as people. The recording of wisdom and knowledge enables the emergence of a historical memory. (Eckhardt Gillen in The Lost Letters)