Israel Board Book

The Author / Illustrator Rachel Shalev
was born in Israel in 1981 where she graduated from the renowned Bezalel Art Academy in 2005. She lives in Kfar Saba, Israel with her Husband and the 2 children.

Publication date: Spring 2014
ISBN: 9783981382587
Price: Euro 12,99
Kategorie: Picture Book, 2+
Pages: 12 pages board book, large size


This unique book takes readers on a colorful, exciting, and entertaining trip through Israel in the Style of “Where´s Waldo”. We experience the lively street cafes and beaches in the bustling city of Tel Aviv and hike through the Galilee, Israel’s green region in the north. We see great diversity at the Jerusalem Market; we visit a Bedouin family in the Negev Desert; we dive with a mother and daughter on the Red Sea coral reefs in Eilat. Through the illustrations and short introductions on the first two pages of the book, the reader is introduced to individuals and small groups of people from all corners of the world. Then, with each turn of the page, one can follow their small adventures as they unfold.

This book opens the door for interactive exploration of Israel and its people. As a family, discuss the illustrations. What is familiar? What couldn’t be found where you live? Which people look most interesting to you? With whom might you like to be friends? If you could place yourself in one of this book’s scenes, where would you be?